Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 5 Contest

     This contest is for the entrants to build a command bunker that is race specific. It should be a model that could be easily identified as your race, and should also be a good piece of terrain.   It should have enhanced ways to sense what is on the battlefield, to communicate with the troops under it's control, and offensive and defensive capabilities in order to survive a while.  There are no restrictions, other than what you believe your high command would be willing to put in one place permanently as a command structure.  If you really think the high command for the IG would put 35 las cannons pintle mounted across the top of your bunker, go ahead.  The entries will be judged by the other players, like the last contest.  This also will give you a cool piece of terrain to have at home.  Just sayin'. 
Bifrost Warhammer 40k Map based campaign, the early years.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Maps for Bifrost

     Well, I am excited.  The Bifrost 40k campaign at The Tower Game Center has been the object of some serious speculation.  The rules are posted on the blog from earlier.  I am putting up the maps in this post.  Andrew is putting together PDF's for the Build/Move and Battle Results. Several Players are putting together entries for the first contest.  I think we are in for a good time.  Without further ado:
The Bifrost system Map
     I don't claim any artistic talent.  It gets the basic point across.  The rest of the maps are done with my Mighty Empires tiles.  The "A" tile is the capital city.  It will produce more income than the others on the planet.  I will use planet interchangeably for planet, space hulk, and Kuiper Belt. As far as movement goes, the closer you are to the place you want to move to, the faster you will move from your location.  That becomes important when you are leaving a command zone that someone else is entering.  If you are both moving the same distance, I will roll a die to see who moves first.
   The first planet in the system is called Tyr.  It has Gas pumping and refining platforms around it, and those are the control zones for this planet.  We will use this map for Tyr, with the fiction included that tiles A and E are actually touching.

The next planet in line is Bitor.  It was a Forge world, or a place with a lot of heavy industry and factories.  Here is the map for this planet:
The Third Planet is Baldor.  It was an Agriworld, with much in the way of Food supplies.  Here is that map:
The fourth planet is Odin, a standard imperial Governor's World.   Here is the map for that:

The next planet in the system is Loki, a hive world.  Here is the map for that:
Next in line is the Space Hulk:
Space Hulk
Following the Space Hulk come Freya, the larger of the two Agriworlds:
Then comes the Ice Planet Norn, where there are rumors of both psychic disturbances and necrons:
 Finally there is the Kuiper Belt:
The belt with the promethium mines
So, to be clear, I'd like you all to send in your army lists.  You may certainly send in 2 or more of exactly the same list, but be clear as to which army is which IE:  1000 pts imperial guard list A "Razaks Roughnecks".  and 1000 pts imperial guard list B "Blackies Blackguards".
   I'd like you to tell me what planet and what control zone they plan on landing in.
So, for the mythical IG player above, Your first email to me should be something in the line of:

Army list:
Hq "x"
troops choice 1
troops choice 2
other stuff to make points total of 1000

Army "Razak's Roughnecks" lands on Bitor A
Army "Blackies Blackguards" lands on Space Hulk C

I will look for these by noon on Saturday.  I want to be able to hand out what battles happen by 2pm that day so all of you can get to killin' each other.

If you follow the blog, you will be able to see all the updates as they come across.

I would really like it if you guys would take pictures of your games in progress.  If you want to write up a battle report to go on the blog, that would be great.   See you Saturday!

Questions?  Comments?  Feel Free!