Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 5 Contest

     This contest is for the entrants to build a command bunker that is race specific. It should be a model that could be easily identified as your race, and should also be a good piece of terrain.   It should have enhanced ways to sense what is on the battlefield, to communicate with the troops under it's control, and offensive and defensive capabilities in order to survive a while.  There are no restrictions, other than what you believe your high command would be willing to put in one place permanently as a command structure.  If you really think the high command for the IG would put 35 las cannons pintle mounted across the top of your bunker, go ahead.  The entries will be judged by the other players, like the last contest.  This also will give you a cool piece of terrain to have at home.  Just sayin'. 
Bifrost Warhammer 40k Map based campaign, the early years.

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