Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Big Finish

It has been a real joy to run such a fun Wahammer 40k map based campaign.  The players have been very sportsman like, with a special shout out to Andrew, our Chaos Space Marine player in this category.
    As the warpstorms converge on the wormhole that goes to BiFrost, word of an important discovery comes about.  An ancient piece of Imperial Tech that seems to be based on a Webway portal has been found.  An explorer that went through it reports a functioning STC factory! Your forces immediately race for the portal, knowing that if they can slip a single hero through the portal with a teleport homer, at least some of the lost tech may be recovered.
    We will be playing kill team to see who can deploy first for our Epic scale battle.  You must pick one army to be the first through, then the rest of your forces will come on as reserves.  I will have the tables set up on Friday night, so make sure to be there by noon.  I plan on the Kill team starting at twelve thirty and the Big Show immediately after.  Promises to be a big Day.
      The points are close.
      Nathan is in the lead
      Alex D. is 4 points behind
      John E. is 6 points behind the leader
      Kenny H is back 8
      Richard G. is back 9
       Andrew is tail end charlie, with a rather large hill to climb of 15 points.
       No one is out of the running.  There will be a LOT of Victory points up for grabs on the final battle. Pay attention to the rules when I give them.  Andrew could win this if he does and the rest of you don't.

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